Princess and Queens

Clement Harrigan


Women are students, mothers, businesswomen and everything in between, and we work hard to accomplish our goals. We are beautiful, strong and capable. We deserve respect and have earned the right to be treated like princesses and queens


Princess and Queens
[C. Harrigan]
She's not the type of girl you see on the front line she no play dem role
but got a smile you'd a think seh a sunshine when she walk thru the door
she's not a glamour chick on your centerfold, just a irie little daughter next door
juggling work and school everyday cause from life this daughter want more
seh she's got nothing to lose and only to gain
so for now she a endure the pain
and if its one thing I know, long as rivers a flow
every little dream got to grow

I'm talking to the princess and queens, the princess and queens (rpt 4)

Now here's a sister early morning at the station
and only god knows the situation
the little job she got ten miles away
and only for a little more than ten dimes a day
baby to feed and rent got to pay
responsibility is nothing to play
seh she got to find a way out ghetto living
baby father him broke out and now him in a prison
so its up to her to bring the family together
so my sister stand firm we gonna get thru it whatever

I'm talking to the princess and queens, the princess and queens (rpt 4)

Whe you deh independent girls don't you listen what dem seh
stricly business wi a deal with tell them girls we nah fi play
and dem can't stop di flow dem fi leave we on we way
hustle like any man any time any day
equal work equal rights now we need equal pay
right a dem side in a shadow we won't stay