Angela Lattibeaudiere/Clement Harrigan


The fact that men fall asleep immediately after good sex makes me think of sex as medication. I started using the word prescription as a synonym for sex-where "the pharmacy is downtown between the knees." This song is about women feeling sexually empowered. This song is about women feeling sexually empowered.


[A. Lattibeaudiere/C. Harrigan]
First thing in a di morn
Last thing before you sleep
three times a day, seven days a di week
Man a sey him can function him want it steadily
Mad ovah me prescription
I got the remedy
Nuff gal a soft man want it harder
and a me got di ting what di doctor order
sweetest prescription di man dem need
a we de pharmacy a downtown between me knees
Man all a search pan di internet
a di remedy fi gangstahs to intellect
Under pressure all man wan relieve di stress
diabetic well you gwan get sweetah yet

chorus (rpt 2)
When a man cant sleep, seh him in a depression
and him pressure start creap, need relief from the tension
a di sweetest relief, me have fi schedule a session
speed up him heart beat, give him di prescription

Verse 2
Every man want a real hot girl who nuh shy
whether big, fat, slim or di lanky guy
a girl who know how fi gi di medication
nuh every man strong enough fi dis prescription
woman be careful of di side effect
give man big muscle and dem wan fi flex
some man get addicted and nuh wan fi stop
out a road like paro dem a hug de block
prescription a di think you fi follow wid direction
nuf man a overdose and blow dem position
listen weh me sey, you wan fi not
nuf man overheat di medication hot

Verse 3
First thing in a di morning a di sweetest time
after a good nights rest a di sweetest wine
only one thing better than a surprise visit
man a si mi prescription and want fi fill it
medication no cheap man a work fi dat
house, rent and car man a splurge fi dat
some girls give man allergic reaction
come my way fi di satisfaction
prescription a put out di man dem fire
and a mi got di ting dat the guy desire
listen weh me sey, you wan fi not
cause a mi bring di heat dat a cool di spot