Middle Class Poverty

Angela Lattibeaudiere/Clement Harrigan


When I was laid off from my job as a computer programmer, I struggled to pay my bills and stay out of foreclosure. I have a Masters degree, but I couldn't get a job. In one way, felt like I was living in poverty, but in another I felt like I was middle class because of my college education.




Middle Class Poverty
[A. Lattibeaudiere/C. Harrigan]
So much are educated yet them can't find work
the value of the poor is right next to the dirt
children gone a school and learn them lesson for the future
but now they all grown up and see its all about the features
little girls have to do what they don't wanna do
swallow them pride a little just fi get thru
heart broken many left without a clue same cry
discouraged bout the future what a we still try
can't let them keep we down in a di dust
in this a concrete jungle your survival is a must
college degree no longer guarantee a salary
hard knock life dem call it middle class poverty

dem call it middle class poverty(rpt 3 times)
middle class poverty

look at my brother trying hard to survive
its a shame what he got to do to stay alive
don't even pray no more, try hard to keep the faith
hungry belly tired feet and sleep can't wait
so now he's home after a ten hour day
and every thing he knows is slowly slipping away
his wife is off to her second job
and now they wanna tell me money can't buy love
the only time they got is for hi and bye
cause he a hustle in the day and she a hustle by night
so politicians I don't hear what your telling me
but let me tell you about middle class poverty

might not be sleeping on the streets
cause we aint sleeping at all
and the voices of the people they aint hearing the call
tell us a honest days work for a honest days pay
but we the people still a struggle and we just got played
so tell me what you saying cause i just can't figure it out
said education that i'd never be living without
now what about the promise you made to me
'bout working hard and shaping my own destiny
now i work hard and gave everything you asked of me
so tell me why I'm here in middle class poverty

dem call it middle class poverty(rpt 3 times)