Angela Lattibeaudiere/Clement Harrigan


Most women don't get enough appreciation and gratitude when they are in relationships. Men take us for granted-until we leave. Then they realize they are incomplete without us.


[A. Lattibeaudiere/C. Harrigan]
Woman not only just fi breed and a walk tru
boy out a road dem well need a talk to
sey dem a shotta but not wifey baby mother
him well need a change but a act like topa topa
him show flop him nu ready him nevah mattah
hot gal wi nu chase we replace like dem a tire
we a surviva we own car and driver
a one man we love di rest a dem we nah cry fah

chorus(rpt 2)
Hot boy dem a chat seh dem a bring di heat
hot boy without a hot girl is incomplete
bad man dem a chat se dem a run di street
bad man without a bad woman is incomplete

woman mi a chat to se nuff a dem a watch you
seh dem fi work same way if dem want you
a gal fi work fi every ting she wanna get
and if she not real den she never ready yet
a real man fi know a woman when he sees one
and not a boy it takes a real man to please one
me no see none fi have me pan me knees
and if you disrespect, you a go chat to mi breeze