Angela Lattibeaudiere/Clement Harrigan


My introduction to God and the church was through my grandmother who took me to church almost every Sunday. However, my experiences with the church have been filled with sexism, racism, homophobia and all types of discrimination. I now believe in God because of my personal life experiences, my gut, and my heart. My conflict lies between what I believe God and life to be and what the church and bible teaches me about God and life.


[A. Lattibeaudiere/C. Harrigan]
forgive me god its been too long since our last discussion
forgive me once again if I ask too many questions
but its you who gave me life and thru religion gave me faith
this very thing that brought me to you now I can't explain
I've learned thru your teachings that you made me to be free
I've also learned too many times to not say what I feel
But how can I be truthful and not speak what's on my mind
If honesty is the policy is it only some of the time

My god my religion my conflict
My god my religion my conflict
My god my religion this is my conflict

I say its not about humility but all about reality
my conflict is the practice and the things that they are teaching me
I'd like to think there's good in every one
And I'd like to think you'll see us as all equal when its done
but I can't deny the questions that I've got deep down inside
why should I as a woman be not equal in your sight
They tell me I should trust and never question maybe so
But I can't deny religion cause its what it gave me hope


My god teach me to love, but they want me to discriminate
and you made me to live to my potential
but in the hands of a man they'll put my fate
Now how can I submit to being lesser than
If in your likeness and your image I was made
And you teach me to love my neighbor as myself
so how can i make war in your name, my god