Be There

Angela Lattibeaudiere/Clement Harrigan


I believe a woman should have her own life, with her own family, friends, and interests. But when I'm in a relationship, I always get criticized for not being "physically present" enough of the time. What I try to make clear is that I will not be there all the time, but I will be there when it matters most.


Be There
[A. Lattibeaudiere/C. Harrigan]
Only say the word and baby I'll be there
Cause you were there for me when no one else would care
Before any money or material things
I only knew the joy that your loving could bring
I know this world could be such a crazy place
and sometimes all you need is a familiar face
So as long as you need that's how long I'll stay
here by your side and I ain't going no

So when you need me I will be there
More than I lifetime loving you
And if you need me I will be there
I'll spend my lifetime loving you
So when you need me I will be there
You won't miss my loving
And if you need me I will be there
I'll spend my lifetime loving you

If you need to cry then my shoulder is yours
From the start when I had doubts you made me feel secure
Everything that you had you were willing to share
Leave you at your time of need, I'll never dare
If ever times get cold you'll have my warm embrace
I'll be strong and make sure that you're always safe
And no matter how bad, in the worst of times
I will always support you there's no pretense


I know you've got your pride and you're man who'll survive
but how could i say I love you and not stick by your side
everytime that i needed you were always there
So I could I see you down and just not care
As I would too any friend of mine
I'll never leave you in the rough of hard times
you don't know what you mean to me
I'll never leave you helpless out there
So anytime you need me, I'll be
And anytime you want boy, I'll be
So anytime you need me you got me, Yeah yeah